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What to expect at Sing 2 Learn:
  • Learn to use music to play with your child in a program that focuses on fun and positive parent-child interactions.
  • Help your child to develop important social and communication skills.
  • Help your child explore music through playing instruments and musical games.
  • Share quality time together and have fun!
  • Share ideas and learn with other families.
  • Some children will respond differently to music then others. This is Ok and totally expected. There is no right or wrong way to respond to music. If you are unsure wait to receive direction from your session leader.
Things to remember:
  • Children love to hear your voice- no matter how you think it sounds
  • Let your session leader know if you or your child are having difficulties or would like to have a favourite activity included in the session.
  • Children gain the most benefit from regular practice so try to come each week.
  • If you or your child needs to take a time out that is ok- just remember to come back at the end of that activity and join back in on a fresh slate.
Music and development:
  • Music can help children to develop thinking skills- staying on task, increase attentions span, problem solving, following instructions, understanding and practicing new concepts
  • Language, literacy and numeracy can be taught music. They are similar in that they follow patterns and rules.
  • Physical skills, gross and fine motor skills coordination and body awareness
  • Communication skills- verbal and non verbal self expression
  • Social skills sharing, turn-taking, sitting waiting. This can also help prepare for preschool and school.
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